Q&A: Newcomer Bontruce Offers Debut Single ‘Salvation’

Emerging Swedish artist Bontruce has made waves at the end of last year, as he released his debut single ‘Salvation’ – accompanied by a great cinematic lyric video.

Listen 'Salvation':

An emotion-tinged slice of dance-pop, ‘Salvation’ is a triumphant combination of euphoric piano chords, expertly-sequenced kick drums and Bontruce’s own silky smooth vocals. The end-product is a club track that possesses serious crossover appeal, with the cinematic, Arctic-themed lyric video, featuring blizzards, polar bears and even the Northern Lights, expertly capturing the vibe of the track.

We wanted to know a bit more about the young prodigy, and what’s behind this critically-acclaimed single. Get to know him through our exclusive Interview, where we’re talking about music, the future, and much more…

Hey, welcome on Sidekick! Let’s start with yourself, who is Bontruce?

I am an ordinary guy from Sweden who likes to make music. My life revolves around music and it always has. It is difficult to answer who you are, better that someone else is allowed to answer it.

Congrats on your debut single ‘Salvation’, what a tune! What’s the story, the idea behind this record?

The story for Salvation … I really do not think there was any direct inspiration other than trying to do something new. I had not done dance music for a while and was in the studio with two other songwriters. We (the people in the session) decided to do a dance song, house, a little old school but still new.  The basis for the song was ready in one session, but the production itself took a while to get right. I can honestly say that there is no great story.  The song was created on pure intuition.

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Watch 'Salvation' (Lyric Video):

Tell us about the origin of your music, what are your influences?

I take a lot of inspiration from older music.  I am an omnivore and have listened to almost all genres throughout my upbringing.  And it really is everything from Mozart to System Of A Down.  For a while I listened a lot to 90’s hip hop, another time I just listened to MJ.  I’ve listened to soul, jazz, 60s rock … U name it. I think because I have heard so much music, I have a lot to pick from.

What does 2021 hold in store for Bontruce? Any clues that we could get about upcoming releases or collaborations?

Right now, I’m working on new music.  I have some songs that need to be honed, then I make a decision together with my team about what the next single will be.  It does not feel like you have to stress in the current situation, due to the situation in the world.

Quick bonus question, can you share five records that you can’t get enough of right now?

  • Georgia On My Mind – Ray Charles
  • Save Your Tears – The Weeknd
  • Du måste finnas – Newkid (Swedish song, actually Björn and Benny of ABBA who wrote it. But it’s a cover and new production of the old version.)
  • Time In A Bottle – Jim Croce
  • Roddy Rich – Bacc Seat

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