Two Legs Discloses New Electro-Ambient Single ‘Angst’

Two Legs is a producer, songwriter and vocalist who creates a unique form of melancholic and introspective electronic music. After a self-imposed hiatus, he returns with a hypnotic and dreamy offering in ‘Angst’, the first single released from his upcoming EP ‘The Light Is In Your Hands’.

Listen 'Angst' :

‘Angst’ mesmerizes the listener through an intricate weaving of atmospheric pads, analogue synths, sampled beats and Two Legs’ crisp, candidly delivered vocals. With this concoction of elements, we hear a unique sound: both dark and uplifting, introspective and life-affirming. About the track, he details:

“‘Angst’, as the first track, describes the initial feeling of being wronged or cheated by life. You grow up thinking you’ll be young forever, and then realise this isn’t true. You feel like saying ‘f*ck you’ to life, for throwing us without choice into a finite existence where we age, get attached to loads of things we love, and then lose it all when we die. Sometimes it helps to feel and express this angst, in order to move past it and find all the positives that come from an impermanent existence. When you hear the rest of the EP, you’ll hear more on the positives – but this one is all about those angry ‘f*ck you’ feels”.

Over a year since his last release, ‘Angst’ is the product of a patient approach to music creation, allowing time for deeper reflections and emotional changes. Now returning with fresh energies for 2021, a revitalized Two Legs will release more music into the new year, kicking off with multiple singles and an EP before spring.

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