Q&A: The Tribe Of Good Talk Cassius Remix Of ‘Siren Song’

Iconic French electronic duo Cassius have recently remixed ‘Siren Song’, the track from London-based collective The Tribe of Good – included in their eponymous debut album, released earlier this year. 

Listen 'Siren Song' (Cassius Remix) :

A remix that sees the Parisian outfit inject some feel good dance floor energy into the original, adding a chunky bassline and rousing synth stabs while losing none of the feel-good funk that makes the track so special.

With so much to discuss, we had the chance to talk to them to get the lowdown on this remix, but also their collective, future plans, and much more.

Hey guys, thanks for your time! Let’s begin with yourself, can you tell us a bit more about The Tribe Of Good?

Producer Hal Ritson writes:

The Tribe Of Good is a project re-interpreting the classic sounds of soul and disco through our own contemporary filter. We are a London-based collective of diverse producers and performers who you hear every day producing and performing on, well, literally thousands of hits by artists as diverse as Kanye West, Katy Perry, Stormzy, The XX, Duke Dumont, Jamiroquai, Elbow, Chemical Brothers, Dizzee Rascal, Pop Smoke, Headie One, Quincy Jones, and so many more. We work behind the scenes on hits together every day, a bit like a modern day “Wrecking Crew” but for this project we get to have some fun, playing with some of the vintage sounds that inspired us to get into music in the first place. For this project we record everything using 100% vintage 60s and 70s equipment using authentic historic recording techniques, to capture the colour and vibe of classic records. But then at the production and mixing stage we use the same techniques we use on modern hits, so you end up with a sound combining our favourite aspects of the past and present.

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You’ve shared the Cassius remix of your track ‘Siren Song’ last month, true banger! Do you have an anecdote about this one?

I had the great honour of working with Cassius on  ‘I <3 U SO’ and subsequently on the Ibifornia and Dreems albums, and was delighted when Cassius agreed to remix a track from The Tribe Of Good project. Sadly Philippe’s work on this mix was to be among his very last, as he tragically died shortly after completing it. But his stripped back club aesthetic was exactly what we were hoping for for a DJ focussed reworking of the funk original.

Philippe Zdar had a unique feeling for combining the best elements of underground dance music with a rock and pop sensibility. 

Some of my earliest and fondest memories of dance music are of driving through France listening to Cassius’ “1999″, and Phoenix’s “United” and his work has been highly influential on my own music and listening tastes.

I would like to add to the many people who have noted that Philippe was without question the kindest and most agreeable person I have ever met in the music industry – the only person I know who would phone you up for no other reason than to thank you for your work – and he will be greatly missed.

The Tribe Of Good Press Shot 2020

Tell us about the origin of your music, what are your influences?

The group itself is large and diverse and within it is a broad church of musical influences. However for this project we dipped into our communal love of the classic era when soul, funk and disco blurred together from Motown to the Philly Sound and beyond to 80s boogie etc. Really its about that moment when you put on an old vinyl and go “shiiiiiitttt – wasn’t music just BETTER back then” – and though of course modern music absolutely has its own greatness, there is maybe some spirit and emotion that has been lost over time, both due to changes in the recording process and changes within the dynamics of the music business itself. We wanted to capture the heart of those old records, while still working within a contemporary attitude.

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What can we expect from you for 2021, do you have some secret plans to share with us?

Ha Ha! After how 2020 went – only a fool would guess what they will be doing in 2021! 🙂

Quick bonus-question: what makes a good party for The Tribe Of Good?

I always work on the basis that if you put on Chaka Khan “Feel For You” and turn down the lights, then things should probably take care of themselves from there onwards.

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