Newcomer Thomas Ford Offers Deep-House Gem ‘Fallin’

Thomas Ford may not be a household name yet, but give it time. The promising newcomer is ready to mark on the House music scene with his debut single ‘Fallin’ – a striking release, sits as a perfect blend between Pop and Deep House, that sees the Frenchman being a serious one to watch.

Listen 'Fallin' :

Fallin’ also launches LOG’s new musical journey. After 5 years, and having garnered attention with singles like ‘Burnin’’ (Nurvous Rec.) or ‘Robespierre’, Thomas is renewing himself with the motto “new project, new name, new influences”.

The first chapter of an exciting string of releases, the track is driven by a powerful four-on-the-floor House beat, stamped with groove-infused guitar chords and warm electro-pop synths. The whole comes complete with these catchy, soulful vocals, giving it a great shot of energy.

No doubts that ‘Fallin’ may not go unnoticed, and make sure to keep Thomas Ford’s name in mind, as he’s just getting started.

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