Headphone Activist Gives First Part Of Inspiring ‘Berlin’ EP

The best way to describe Headphone Activist is journey.

A journey Pete Domville started 10 years ago in his bedroom with a pair of headphones, a laptop, and access to the Internet. The rest is hours of tinkering around, building a sample database and pushing his creativity forward… and the name of an Atmosphere record which inspired his moniker.

After a series of success in the cloudrap, trap and bass music, Headphone Activist is turning the page towards more laid back and jazz, lounge and beat-inspired music. And he’s about to release a real 4-tracks masterpiece alongside his forthcoming ‘Berlin’ EP, for his first Stereofox release. Good news, the first part is already out, as ‘Waiting’ and ‘For You’ are now available everywhere, enjoy!

Listen 'Waiting' & 'For You' :

“The idea for the EP was a hybrid of my love for lounge / lofi music, & the fact that I am currently planning out a backpack trip through Europe for next year” explains Pete. “I spent hours looking at photos from different cities with my girlfriend while we figured out where we would want to visit. With the EP dropping with Stererofox, tt was only fitting to title it after one of the places we both dreamed about visiting and their homebase. I am sure Berlin will be an extraordinary experience and I wanted to channel all of these emotions through my music”.

While waiting for the two next tracks, this new EP marks the first step of a journey you will be able to follow through most of 2020. Expect nothing less than a melodic and zen-driven sonic experience.

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