Italian Duo KAUM Backs With Powerful Tune ‘Closer’

Italian rising duo KAUM have joined forces again with vocalist General Vibe to bring a new song to life. 

The result is a new single titled ‘Closer’, which stands out for its lush, modern sound. The song begins with a dark and atmospheric texture and combines vintage-style synths with modern beats, making for a distinctive sound. KAUM even collaborated with General Vibe, a singer who lent the song his recognizable voice. On ‘Closer’, the vocals are intimate and personal, and General Vibe’s performance set out to bring a more approachable dimension to the track. His breathy, low-register verses and catchy hooks are a perfect match with the song’s style.

With another impactful track to add to their catalogue, we’re already curious to see what is on the way for KAUM in 2020.

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