Fabich & Mysterious Twin Theory Drop Catchy ‘Dial Me’

‘Dial Me’ is the new single of this electrifying artists collaboration, reuniting jack-of all-trades Fabich, mysterious British duo Twin Theory and singer-songwriter Liska.

Unfolding the many shades of a toxic relationship when being with someone who has commitment issues, the narrative follows the steps of a dysfunctional and unbalanced relationship speaking for a large audience.

Forging his own unique path and stitching together elements from his past and drawing on the creativity around him, Fabich is a music addict that has previously made music at Bob Marley’s house, and achieved US chart success as a producer for platinum-selling R&B and soul singer-songwriter Lyfe Jennings and Missy Elliott collaborator, Trina. Raw, honest and vulnerable, this new single resonates as an intimate conversation, punctuated with punchy beats and colored layers.

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Close collaborators, Fabich and Liska are first off old friends that worked together on many occasions. Liska is someone that looks up to a wide variety of artists, from Kate Bush to Joni Mitchell. Her style delves comfortable into another worldly realm full of timeless vocals, dreamlike harmonies, and constantly engaging poetic lyricism.

Asked about the meaning of ‘Dial Me’, she explains : « It’s about being with someone who has commitment issues.. It’s all roses until the feels get too serious and they realise they can’t handle it. They want you, but on their terms. They hate labels but still stick you in a box. There’s no compromise. They feed you bullshit like they need to find themselves but still hit you up to have sex and to hang out all the time. You meet each others friends and families but when it comes to it they still can’t commit. There’s no security. You break up, get back together, break up, get back together the cycle continues, nothing changes. It’s basically saying ‘dial me when you get your shit together’…».

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