Italian Artist MadD3E Backs With Infectious ‘Good Time’

Rome-born and bred producer/songwriter MadD3E is truly one of a kind. On a run in 2019, with dancefloor dynamite ‘No Trend Setter’, our genius producer carries on with yet another masterpiece named ‘Good Time’, performed by London up and coming talent Juvenal Maze.

Listen 'Good Time (ft. Juvenal Maze)' :

Out today, this irresistible slice of down-tempo future funk will take you back to summer for 3 minutes. Mauro “MadD3E” Meddi’s innate creativity and production credentials are evident throughout, as he fuses elements of hip-hop, disco and funk in perfect symbiosis underneath the soulful vocals and textures of Juvenal Maze.

About the song, MadD3E says ‘You have to know that Juvenal Maze, besides being an amazing singer, is also a very talented producer himself.”Good Time” is actually amongst the first songs we did together with Juvenal Maze. We are very happy with the outcome and hope people will feel the energy that was present in the studio when we created the song and just have a good time with it’.

Describing himself as a very moody person, the sympathetic Italian has found a way to mirror his mood in his music, we’re already excited to see what’s next for the future!

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