Enigmatic Duo Next Habit Drops Debut Single ‘U Got Me’

Next Habit emerge from the shadows of the UK underground scene to drop their debut track ‘U Got Me’, via Perfect Havoc.

Blending mainstream accessibility with timeliness song-writing style and soaring catchy vocals, ‘U Got Me’ is perfectly poised to soundtrack the sizzling end to the summer of 2019. Between ‘U Got Me’ and their forthcoming tracks, Next Habit’s music presents an insight into the character of an enigmatic duo who are poised to make a breakthrough on the UK scene. Their live shows demonstrate an eclectic range of talents, from crowd-pleasing DJ sets that encompasses their ability to keep the dance floor moving all night long. Currently in the studio crafting new music, this is just the start of what looks set to be an exciting career for this emerging new duo!

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