Apple Is Breaking Up & Replacing iTunes Music App

Following months of rumours, Apple will announce today at its 2019 WWDC (according to Bloomberg) the end of iTunes. The company is launching a trio of new apps – Music, TV, and Podcasts – to replace the long-running program.

According to their media app plan, Apple will make the Watch and iPad more independent, while unifying its app strategy as it looks beyond the iPhone. To replace the workhorse application, they will offer three separate, streamlined apps for the Mac operating system; the new one about Music will replace all storage and organization functionality currently handled by iTunes. Another sign that iTunes’ days seem to be numbered, the company just cleared their Facebook and Instagram pages about the app, removing all of pictures, posts, and videos. 

iTunes Instagram

Since launching in 2001, iTunes revolutionized the music industry, helping drive sales away from physical stores and into the online realm via the store. The app also allowed users to buy and rent movies, as well as listen to podcasts.

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