Norwegian Sparkx Rework ‘Fascination’ On Groovy Remix

Two weeks after Reggie Got Beats & Vebjørn Mamen’s ‘Fascination’, Norwegian duo sparkx release a first remix of this soul-tinged pop masterpiece, bringing an amazing funk touch to the original one, wich they alone have the secret recipe.

Sparkx is a Norwegian duo consisting of musicians and producers Jørgen Kasbo and Magnus Falkenberg. The music is beat-based, inspired by artists like KaytranadaAnderson .PaakJ Dilla and others. What’s unique about the duo is the mix between Jørgen’s jazz-inspired guitar, Magnus’s funk-based bass and their common interest in sleezy grooves with challenging chords. The duo also makes collabs with other artists, and has collaborated with Ivan Ave, Bethany and Fieh, among others.

The duo successfully bring freshness to the song, adding this jazzy guitar and hats that will make you dance. ‘Fascination’ will feature another remix by New Zealand producer La Félix, which is on the way.

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