NuDisco King Oliver Nelson Drops New Groovy Remix

Oliver Nelson is truly taking the world by storm and is leading the current group of Nordic exports coming out of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Originally growing up in Stockholm, Oliver’s first love of music came in the form of the drums and it wasn’t until 2007 that Oliver found electronic and fell in love. The very first life track was Justice and their single “D.A.N.C.E” which inspired Oliver to explore producing music on a more serious note.

Going to a specialist music school and playing the drums created influences that will stay with him forever. He fondly recalls his teacher telling him he would never make it in the music industry as he couldn’t read note-sheets and everything was learnt and output through pure listening. Inspiration came from a broad range and style of music and influences. Artists like Toto, Peter Gabriel and Jamiroquai all the way through to Ed Banger, Kavinsky, Goldroom and Ben Khan.

He backs now with his own rendition of Luther Vandross ‘Never Too Much’, in classic Nelson style. With new original music on the way from Oliver Nelson later this month, Oliver teases fans with this free download on Perfect Havoc.

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