DESIIRE Presents His Danceful « Paradise »

Produced by Australian newcomer SPRILL, Paradise is the new single from Toronto based R’n’B  singer and songwriter DESIIRE. Over a heavy bassline and shimmery warbled keys, track is a throwback ode to 90’s dance soul classics by which the singer declares his emotional and musical independence :

"I really wanted to make a song that talked about my experiences as a new artist in the music industry and how it's not always fun and exciting. There are times when you do get overlooked and your work will go unnoticed because you don't fit and otherwise and i really wanted to touch on that but i still wanted the message to be delivered in an uplifting and empowering way. I see the song as a song you can both dance to and cry to!".

Paradise ” is the title-track of the upcoming EP.

Listen to the song below and enjoy !

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