Sidekick Story – Berry Juice

It’s a pleasure to receive Berry Juice in our #SidekickStory 😎 He has some words about his track “Need Your Body”, listen up 👂
👉 Stream here:
"Josh and I just finished working on Creature Of The Night and we were happy with the result.We figured it would be good to make it an EP, but in that case we needed a B-side. I remembered I had some track laying around I made a long time ago, but didn't take it further because the track had a vocal sample in it that wasn't cleared. It was a track I made quite quickly, I just bought a Maschine at the time and it just came out like this in a day, and to be honest I didn't really think it was that special back then. I sent the track to Josh and Josh was really stoked about it and pretty soon after he layed down awesome vocals. They call him the Hook Machine for a reason. I was surprised about how fat and 'fresh' the track turned out.

The making of this track was very quick, straightforward and relaxed, but the track became quite popular and a lot of people listen to it every day. I guess that the layed-back way this track was made is reflected in the sound of the track, and people dig that. The B-side defeated the A-side by more then 10 to 1 in terms of plays, while it's the exact opposite in terms of the time we put into it. Since then, we know Josh and I can make good stuff together, and we're working on some great stuff right now! Stay tuned..."
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