‘Sweet Sign’, The Latest Single From C’SAR (feat. Atëna)

‘Sweet Sign’ – the brand new single from upcoming French duo C’SAR – Is OUT NOW via Sidekick Music.

Following their powerful and groovy critically acclaimed single « Love Dust » released on December 2017, ‘Sweet Sign’ enclose once again all the ingredients of a potential summer anthem.

Supported by the graceful voice of Atëna (‘Paris Rooftops’), the lyrics bring a charming melody to the breaks, before arriving on an efficient drop which involves vocal chops and lot of energy.

Listen now

C’SAR is a French duo formed by young DJs and producers Thomas Leguay and Alexandre Lefebvre.

Both passionate and devoted to electronic music, they have joined forces to express the love to the rythm, mixing styles such as Funk, Pop & Hip Hop, inspired by Pat Lok, Darius and Party Pupils.

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