Spotify And Direct Deals With Artists & Managers

According to, Spotify has been offering to pay a number of managers and indie acts in exchange for licensing their music directly to the streaming services.

The report reveals that some artist/management firms received several-hundred-thousand-dollars for agreeing to non-exclusive license a certain number of tracks directly to Spotify. Without an ownership of the mastering, the offer concerns more favourable splits, with 50/50 deals on streaming revenues in some cases, rather estimated at 54% for the American magazine. Artists and their managers typically receive just a percentage of the label’s share, and these deals increase significantly the distribution compared to the 20% to 50% they took usually.

Acting like a label, Spotify’s stock has climbed more than 8%, and cause high reactions in the music industry and creating more competition for major labels as well. The Sweden Company tries to find new revenues streams and looking to maximize its take. To be continued…

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