Chela Omen & Scrufizzer Launch Energetic Debut ‘Rio’

Bass Music newcomer Chela Omen is set to enter the airwaves with his debut single ‘Rio’ on May 15th. Collaborating with leading dance vocalist Scrufizzer, Chela’s first energy injector is primed for the summer dance floor, drenched in body-tearing production, Chela brings together bubbling bass stabs, house-nostalgic chords and high-octane percussive breaks. Charging up with atmospheric synths and thumping kick drums, the track charges into a showcase of unique sound design, with Scrufizzer’s non-stop dynamism cutting through for an infectious edge.

Listen to 'Rio' here:

Chela explains, ”’Rio’ is meant to be a bit of escapism from the stresses of normal life and I wanted it to be one of those tracks that listeners can put on to get a taste of summer coming through their speakers and forget about everything else for a minute. Music is a massive escapism for me both in making it and listening to it. When I was producing this tune everything seemed really bleak at the time and that’s what initially inspired the female vocal lyrics, just wanting to get away from everything for a bit. I then hit up Scrufizzer and we went studio where he put down a playful response to the female vocal which completed the tune.”

Based in the UK, Chela Omen’s first soirée is a taste of more to come, with the 25-year-old taking his production, DJ and multi-instrumental skills to new underground flavours. As his songwriting dives into bass music that combines electric vocal hooks with dark soundscapes and relentless breaks, his floor fillers are set to light up the scene in 2024.

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