Giles Et Diego Release “Oh, Environment!” – A Musical Call For Climate Action – #SHAREIFYOUCARE

#ShareIfYouCare: Giles et Diego release “Oh, Environment” featuring the children Nkuringo Bright Future School and Orphanage.

Giles et Diego, “Oh, Environment” is a collaboration with the

talented children of Nkuringo Bright Future School Orphanage. It is an harmonious blend ofmusic and poetry, with a heartfelt message on environmental sustainability and positiveclimate action, it’s not just a song, but part of a cool movement.

Recorded in the lush mountain landscapes of Nkuringo, SW Uganda, this track emergesfrom the heart of the community most affected by environmental changes. Giles et Diego, French organic House producers, also known for their patronage of musicfor the climate, have once again touched the chords of environmental responsibility with thisrelease. This organic house anthem, rich in cultural ethos and propelled by positive vibes, follows the success of their 2023 hit ; “Oh, Environment”; is the second episode of the;DanceBe Happy EP project deepening their commitment to climate action through art and music. Listen to the Track ??/  Watch the Music Video ? / Climate Actions Now ?


Robert Stephenson, founder of Climate Actions Now, explains in further detail this project’s initiative, as well as the commitment of CAN Music to use the power of music for social change, and Giles et Diego’s dedication to producing music that transcends boundaries and touches lives.

“This track is a fusion of African rhythms, soulful melodies, and contemporary beats, symbolizing the global nature of the environmental crisis.The children of Nkuringo, with their authentic and powerful expressions, add layers of purity and urgency to the message that we need to heed” says Robert Stephenson, Founder of and

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“Music has the power to come together and drive change, so with  ‘Oh, Environment’ we aim to encourage such collective action” -said Giles, one half of the dynamic duo. Diego added, “Collaborating with the children of Nkuringo was a very enriching experience. Their voices and words are a reminder of the innocents we must protect against the ravages of climate change.”

Giles et Diego and all at & are committed to ensuring that all profits from “Oh, Environment” will directly benefit the school children and their school and contribute to sustainable projects in their area. The #ShareIfYouCare campaign, launched alongside the track, is a call to action for listeners around the world. We encourage audiences to share the song to spread awareness about sustainable living and environmental conservation.The campaign also supports various initiatives in Nkuringo area, including fixing up their school, planting, water, wildlife conservation, plus community development programs. These initiatives focus on environmental education, primary healthcare, agricultural development, and local skills enhancement. Listeners are invited to join this global movement by sharing “Oh, Environment” using the hashtag #ShareIfYouCare, and participate in various environmentally focused campaigns lined up throughout the year. Each campaign is tied to significant environmental dates, such as World Environmental Education Day, World Wetlands Day and others, amplifying the reach and impact of the songs message.

To learn more about “Oh Environment, and our #ShareIfYouCare campaign and how you can contribute to a sustainable future, please visit .


Giles & Diego is a french duo exploring different facets of profound and energetic vibes to satisfy dancers across the globe. After their encounter on a Tunisian beach during a party where Diego held a DJ residency, the two french guys were drawn to each other by their mutual thirst for deep & melodic house grooves.

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Both Giles and Diego have been active in electronic music for over a decade now: On the one hand, there’s Giles whose passion for life is driven by longtime love for electronic music in all its forms. Giles brings his pianist skills and emotional twist to the duo. On the other hand, Diego, a seasoned drummer and DJ who already had a blast in the south of France scenes before joining forces with Giles and bringing his definition of groove.