Kaiya Releases Sultry New Track ‘Blue Moon’

The Australian-born, London-based singer/songwriter Kaiya delivers her new single, the stunning r&b ballad “Blue Moon”. Named after the expression “once in a blue moon”, the song portrays a story about an unreliable source of love and the actions a person should take to preserve themselves & their sanity. You’ll be mesmerized by the dreamy vocals, the heartfelt lyricism, the warm keys, and the impeccable drum groove.

Listen to 'Blue Moon' here:

“‘Blue Moon’ tells a story of waiting for a partner who has emotionally checked out from the relationship. The song delves into the heartache of yearning for an absent companion and the courage needed to release someone no longer invested in building a connection.

It explores the painful reality of finally giving up and recognizing the bravery required to let go. Rather than a simple “walk away” narrative, “Blue Moon” pays tribute to those who navigate the profound difficulty of parting ways with someone they still hold a light for”.

— Kaiya

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