Junoflo To Release The High-Octane ‘Goin’ Nigo’ 

In a track that combines experimental electronic music and hip-hop with a fresh new perspective, Junoflo is set to release new single ‘Goin’ Nigo’. Hard hitting synth design creates an aggressive atmosphere with processed drum lines bringing the rattle of trap and the fiery energy of drum and bass. Vocally, Junoflo is constantly flipping the switch on his performance, dynamically presenting intense rap sections, before sitting back into confident hooks and heavily processed melodies. Overall, ‘Goin’ Nigo’ seems to explore new sounds that we haven’t seen before, capitalizing on the cutting edge of each of the building block genres it merges.

Listen to 'Goin' Nigo' here:

On the new release, Junoflo shares:

“In ‘Goin’ Nigo’, I wanted to bring forth a new sound and energy that I’ve never done before. My discography centers around hip-hop, but musically, I have a deep love for experimental and electronic music as well. This song portrays an unrestricted and non-consequential lifestyle that I lived on my journey thus far, all while striving for success and aiming to prove my place in music. The term ‘Goin’ Nigo’ is a nod to Japanese fashion designer Nigo, the founder of A Bathing Ape, and means to go ape, go gorilla, go crazy. Sonically, the production is genre-bending in that it incorporates elements from hip hop, drum n bass, and liquid jungle to create its own soundscape unique to whatever’s going on in my brain .”

Junoflo is a recording artist and music producer from Los Angeles who’s acclaim includes a performance at an NBA Halftime show. The Korean American creator debuted in South Korea alongside the global dominance of Kpop, quickly establishing himself as a sought after hip hop talent in the country. Junoflo’s blend of hip-hop, R&B and electronic music creates pioneering sounds that appeal to a global audience.

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