Newcomer From New Zealand, Josef Scott, Releases New EP – ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’

Josef Scott is a newcomer from Auckland, New Zealand, who is crafting a unique avant-pop sound with contemporary-R&B influences, which could be likened to a mix between Tame Impala, Steve Lacy and Grizzly Bear.

Over the last couple of months Josef Scott has given us afewvery impressive singles –‘Interlude’, ‘Make It Alright’ & ‘The Tide’ –which also came with promise of a whole new ep headed our way soon, and he is making goodon that promise this week withthis exceptional six-track collect titled,“IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME”.

As most songs are, this ep has been inspired by the complexities of love, but Josef reveals below that he made a conscious effort to approach the songwriting aspect from a different perspective and not just based on his own experiences. Through this process he discovered that while everyone had their own path and at different times, we all experience the same things at some point in our lives

Listen to 'It's Not You, it's Me' (EP):

“IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME has seen me for the first time write from a whole new perspective. Rather than just channeling stories from my own experiences, I wrote instinctively, wanting to create an energy that I resonated with. Only upon reflection did I realise that the songs themselves drew from a collective, complex relationship with love. From the pleasure of lustto the pain of heartbreak. Why one’sinner desires, wants and needs evolve with time and how our actions can affectour relationships,not only with othersbut ourselves.

Everyone’s journey and timeline aredifferent, and yet we relate across almost every aspect. I wanted to reflect that through the listening experience of the project. Whether you play the EP chronologically or on shuffle, no two stories are the same.” ~ Josef Scott

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