The Artist Moreofthem Navigates The Ups And Downs Of Modern Life With The New Single ‘capture the moment’

One of the hottest prospects in London’s underground music scene right now, Malaysian non-binary artist moreofthem (they/them) is back with exciting new single ‘capture the moment’. Through a kaleidoscopic DIY production and arresting lyrical journey, the musician merges the energy of glitch-pop and hyper-pop, with the angst of pop-punk. The end result is an electronic wall of sound that encapsulates the mixed feelings of navigating modern life, especially our heavy social media consumption.

This project is not just to tell the story of moreofthem’s own life and experiences, but also to foster a community (both online and offline) of inclusivity, acceptance and empowerment for LGBTQ+ and non-binary artists.

Listen to 'Capture The Moment' :

Adding to the themes of the single, moreofthem states: “‘capture the moment’ touches on the concept of social media consumption and the pressures we face when living up to societal norms. The key point was to be honest and direct with how even though we have our digital distractions that can cause us loads of anxiety and uneasiness with our identity, it’s completely okay to be different than everybody else and know your self worth.”

Don’t hesitate to listen to this track, it is available on all platforms!

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