The Electronic Artist David Read Releases New Track ‘Cormac’

Multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer David Read is a California native, Barcelona-based and has built an impressive discography, bringing along his array of exquisite vocals, captivating beats and cinematic soundscapes. Since moving to Barcelona, Read has released two EPs including ‘Sine’ which gained high-profile support from DJ Mag Spain, opened for Christian Löffler and played at shows across the city’s party circuit. 

Lifted from his eagerly-awaited new EP ‘In That Blue’, which is set to arrive very soon, ‘Cormac’ sees Read continue the broad and innovative direction he first emerged with. Powered by a illuminated and tender approach to production, perfectly elevating his spellbinding vocal performance, his latest release cements him as a truly unique and talented artist on the rise right now.

Inspired by the author Cormac McCarthy, Read’s latest offering ‘Cormac’ fuses heavy inspiration from the writer’s sparse prose and unparalleled ability to communicate beauty and carnage. A record that is full of attitude, energy and melancholy, dubby chords fuse with euphoric pads and warped melodies, whilst minimal percussion and alluring vocals steal the show.

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‘In That Blue’ EP overall is boasted by influences including Thom Yorke, John Hopkins and James Blake. An electronic offering brimming with soul and story-telling, each track varies but contemplates the end of a long relationship. There are references to the idea of being caught between incompatible truths, unhealthy situations and growth with a loyal friendship. 

About his song, David Read say: “This project contemplates the end of a long relationship. It touches on the idea of being caught between seemingly incompatible truths. One one hand, something extremely unhealthy. On the other hand, incredible growth and loyal friendship. Lead single Cormac has the author Cormac McCarthy as its namesake. The writer’s sparse prose and unparalleled ability to communicate beauty and carnage were direct inspirations for the song. Its vocal centerpiece portrays an image of a mountain in flames – the forest animals escaping down the mountainside as their fur smokes. Cormac is about finally escaping an ultimately unhealthy relationship.”

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Don’t hesitate to listen to this track, it is available on all platforms!

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