6 Tips And Tricks To Get Your Desired Concert Sea

Watching your favorite artist up close and personal on a concert stage is a priceless experience. Watching them through the screen is terrific, especially when you see them perform live. As an avid fan, you might consider going all out to make your live concert experience one of the best moments in your life.

Finding the perfect seat at the concert is crucial, especially if you want a great view of your favorite artist. However, all sorts of things could ruin it, be it a pillar obstructing your perspective or how little you can hear from the artist. Instead of being disheartened, take advantage of the time until Pink’s Australian tour in 2024 and other upcoming concerts.

Here are some tricks you can get behind on to grab that perfect concert seat:

1. Know The Venue

From vast stadiums to classic theaters, concerts are held in different venues. As long as there’s a spacious area to accommodate a massive crowd, the venue is already perfect for holding concerts. While there’s nothing wrong with variety, having all kinds of venues to choose from means encountering different architectural designs.

Pull up pictures of the venue the concert will be on. Ensure you get to see it from different perspectives, whether it’s from a bird’s eye view or a forced perspective. That way, you have a better look at all the obstructions at the venue, be it a pillar or the balcony. But to be sure, contact the venue and ask them where the best seats are without anything blocking the view.


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2. Look Up Reviews

If looking at images isn’t enough, consider having other people’s perspectives instead. Since other events must’ve been held at the venue, previous audiences probably have something to say about their experience there. You have better luck finding them on social media or forums, given that’s where fans often share their first-hand experience about their favorite artists’ concerts.

3. Consider The Height

You’re hoping to snag an excellent concert seat in the first place to see and hear your favorite artist properly. Fortunately, many venues have seating arrangements designed solely for that purpose. Although it might not look like it, adding height to the equation improves your visibility and listening.   

Upper-level seats are perfect for seeing the entire stage. Granted, they’re farther back from front-row seats, but some venues have large LED screens for audiences at the back. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about poor sound quality when sound travels upward without issue. Unless you fear heights or often have dizzy spells, finding a seat over everyone else’s heads might be the perfect spot for you.

4. Visualize The Audience

Only focusing on yourself the entire time you’re looking for a great seat at the concert might backfire on you once you’re there. Because unlike watching through a screen, people surround you from all sides at a live show. From start to finish, you’re part of an audience who only wants to have a great time, just like you. And sharing this experience often brings everyone a sense of belonging.

But as wholesome as it is, all sorts of things can happen at the concert, especially in the floor seats. People will shove each other around, cheer so loud that you might go deaf, or even pick a fight in some situations. That’s why you must be mindful of everything that could happen while in the middle of so many people. With these scenarios in mind, include them when finding a concert seat.

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5. Secure Tickets

Before getting into a concert, everyone must purchase a ticket first. Tickets might sell out before you can even blink, depending on the artist’s popularity. Be on guard for any presales, whether they’re from the artist’s official website or their fan club. Ideally, keep an eye on those VIP packages since they have the best seats with additional perks worth the hefty price tag.

6. Be Early

Although you got your tickets, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear yet. After all, grabbing a seat at a concert often keeps a ‘first come, first serve.’ Because of that, there’s no guarantee you’ll find the best one, even after getting a ticket early. Set up an alarm hours before the venue opens its doors. Camp outside the venue if it’s necessary. That way, you’ll be right in front of the line and have all the best seats ripe for the picking.  


Going to a concert is a great way to support your favorite artists and experience a sense of community with other fans in the audience. However, finding the best seat at a concert is often tedious. Because depending on where you’re sitting, it easily influences your experience from start to finish. But once you’ve learned to consider the venue and audience, among other things, you’ll find the perfect spot in no time.