Milky Chance Releases New Indie Alternative Remix Of Latest Track ‘Synchronize’ by RAC

German indie duo Milky Chance are set to return with a new electronic, upbeat and amplified version of their latest single ‘Synchronize’ by RAC. The track combines Milky Chance’s immaculate songwriting skills and RAC’s ability to make pop styled dance rhythms with ease. Released on their own label Muggelig Records, Synchronize (RAC remix) perfectly combines their signature production styles whilst displaying why Milky Chance and RAC are some of the hottest musicians today.

The track holds its own unique edge, with a crystal clear styled production element to it. It features classic indie dance elements of hard hitting drums, slightly distorted guitars and catchy vocals that has an infectious appeal. It perfectly adds a new edge to Milky Chance’s sound, bringing a new party element to it.

Listen to 'Synchronize' :

Speaking on the new single, Milky Chance said:

“RAC really did a beautiful job on reinterpreting our song. The Song structure itself didn‘t change but the world he built around it so it feels more like a remake than a remix. His guitar playing and new harmonies take the song to another level in a more dark and melancholic way and we really love how it turned out. From bottom to top a little masterpiece”.

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