Parisian Artist Boston Bun Releases His Debut Album

Parisian, House legend Boston Bun just released his debut album ‘There’s A Nightclub Inside My Head’ this late April, containing 9 unreleased tracks and the Spotify favourite, ‘Whenever You’re Ready’ – conceptualised during last year’s lockdown & providing an introspective space for the producer and his listeners to enjoy. 

“Sometimes it’s great to take a break, sometimes it’s not. If you were on planet Earth during the year of 2020, you know what I’m talking about. I took that time to visit the nightclub inside my head. The last one open, actually. The booth, the sound system, the stairs, the bar, the smell, the noise of my left shoe on the sticky floor, everything was exactly how I left it. It got me a bit emotional to be honest, so I started thinking about the right soundtrack that could fit in that space. And here it is. I hope you’ll enjoy the night” – details Boston Bun about the LP.

Listen ‘There’s A Nightclub Inside My Head’:

‘There’s A Nightclub Inside My Head’ is for everyone, anyone who needs a moment to reflect, dance or simply be present with themselves. A chance to be transported to your own secure space, to interpret and visualise the music however you wish.

Joining forces with the talented Argentina born, London Based photographer and director Lucrecia Taormina. Her work has been widely recognised in the commercial and music world with recognition at the Cannes YDAs, Ciclope and 1.4. She has worked with Missy Elliot, Bree Runway and Ashnikko. It was Lucresia who approached Boston with an idea for a shoot in the Summer of 2020. The result of her shoot, the car shot, blew Boston away. He knew instantly she was the one who could get inside his head and understand the fictional nightclub he was trying to create.

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For months they have both been exploring ways to give people a safe space inside their head, a club where you can be who you want to be, even when night life is forbidden fruit. This concept album is a way to give people a sense of freedom and hedonism back. Something we’ve all been missing…

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