UK-Based Talent Verdance Drops Magnificent ‘Rothko’ EP

Throughout the 5 tracks on Verdance’s very first EP Rothko, the mood continuously oscillates between a lavishly alluring, and dance-friendly experience by virtue of the driving House and Garage rhythms.

Listen 'Rothko' EP :

UK based producer Jake Brown is well known for his calm and comforting instrumentals under the name Handbook, although a revitalizing new story has begun with the inception of Verdance – a project that is meant to engulf the listener’s senses with its nature-inspired ambiance. During the creation process of Rothko, imagery and mood were the two pillars Verdance made use of to inform the EP’s garden-fresh atmosphere that is further amplified by luminous electronic textures.

If you find yourself conflicted by whether to dance, or even seclude yourself in order to become wanderlust in this journey… That’s perfectly alright as Rothko provides an explorative sensation that could be entered in numerous ways.

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