Aussie Artist Akurei Drops His 3rd EP Of 2020, ‘CLOVER’

Aussie talent Akurei is coming back to us with a brand-new ep titled CLOVER, featuring three previously unheard gems CLOVER, BUTTERCUP and QUASIMODO. It’s also the latest release for sumoclic records.

Listen 'Want You All' :

Akurei set himself a goal to release 3 x three-track eps this year, and he just achieved that. With SEROTONIN and HAIRDYE still fresh in our minds (and our playlists), he gave us his final release of the year with CLOVER – which he feels might be the most exciting of the three. So if you’re already a fan of the last two EPs, you’re probably going to be all over this one as well…

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