10 Music Supervisors To Get Music On TV & In Movies

One of the best way to gain new fans, finding out how to get music on TV, in ads or movies can also grow your career really fast. Nowadays, Music makes a huge difference in audiovisual content, this is why production teams have someone called a music supervisor.

The Music Supervisor oversees all music related aspects of movies, TV, ads and other, but also unearth talents. They are always looking for new music, and this is where placement opportunities and sync licensing come in.

Music supervisors are working with music publishers and master owners among others – who will find out, negotiate and sign these licensing opportunities for you. Check out our suggestion if you’re looking for a sync agent:

Not sure how to get started? No worries, Sidekick Music suggests 10 Music Supervisors you can contact to get music on TV, in movies and much more.

👇10 Music Supervisors To Get Music On TV & In Movies :

1. Creative Control Ent.

Link: http://www.creativecontrolent.com/supervision.html

Based in Los Angeles and New Orleans, Creative Control is a multi-faceted company, focused on music supervision, live event, consultation and production. With a wide range of clients (including top independent film companies or TV partners), they have worked for projects like HBO’s “Little Britain USA”, “Strangers with Candy” or “Saw” and Academy Award-winning movies “Crash” & “Monster Ball” among others.


Link: http://supermusicvision.com/index.html

If you want to get music on TV or in movies projects, there are no doubts that SUPERMUSICVISION (or SMV) is one of the leading companies that will meet your expectations. Focused on top-tier TV productions, including “Breaking Bad”, “The Walking Dead” or “Halt”, SMV are working closely with Netflix, CBS, Paramount Network or AMC.

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3. Big Sync Music

Link: http://www.bigsyncmusic.com/

Big Sync Music is one of the fastest growing music supervision agencies, servicing brands such as BMW, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Dove, Lipton or Axe. They help you build a global, creative strategy – and above all, an efficient one – to place music on TV ads.

4. Arpix

Link: https://www.arpix.com

Providing music supervision, licensing, and related services to the entertainment industry, Arpix is a Toronto-based agency that represents both award-winning composers and new talents who are creating music for TV series, movies, but also games or apps. From Netflix to CBC, MTV or HBO, they have supervised projects such as “Murdoch Mysteries”, “Officer and a Murderer” or “Workin Mom’s”. Simply put, Arpix will supervise anything to do with music.

5. Cloud 9

Link: http://www.cloud9music.nl/sync/

Offering creative and marketing solutions to artists, Cloud 9 Music has a sync department focused on placing music on TV across shows (‘World Of Dance’) ads (Apple, Coca-Cola…), series (Netflix’s ‘Turn Up Charlie’, ‘Easy’…) movies (‘Ocean’s 8’, ‘Vildheks’…), trailers, and much more.

6. Woodwork Music

Link: https://woodworkmusic.co.uk/

Since 2003, Woodwork represent a stellar roster of labels, bands, artists and composers into hundreds of projects including ads for BMW, Volkswagen, Mastercard, Ford or Gucci; movies by Wes Anderson, Hong Khaou and Tim Walker; iconic TV shows like ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Greys Anatomy’ and ‘The OC’; or also video games, like PES 2021.

7. Bodega Sync

Link: https://bodegasync.com

Launched in January 2019 and based in Brooklyn, Bodega Sync is a full-service sync licensing agency offering opportunities to get music on TV, including shows/events (The Kelly Clarkson Show, NFL…), commercials (Mini, Amazon, Gold Bond…), blockbusters and more. With a wide roster, feel free to contact them as you can be a nice fit! 

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8. HD Music Now

Link: https://www.hdmusicnow.com/

Side to licensing, HD Music Now handles clearance and music supervision for movies, TV, or web. They have placed music on projects such as ‘Venom’, ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’, ‘Boo 2!’, ‘Mad Max’ or ‘Farcry 3’.

9. Crucial Music

Link: https://www.crucialmusic.com

Crucial Music is an artist-friendly venture licensing music for all types of media including Blockbuster movies, events (Emmy Award’s winning shows) or brand spots. Having worked with Walt Disney, Chrysler, Sony and FOX to name just a few, Crucial Music offers a wide range of services to connect you with experienced music supervisors dedicated to TV, movies and advertising.

10. Gravelpit Music

Link: https://www.gravelpitmusic.com

Born in 2012, Gravelpit Music represent artists, bands or music producers, and help them to develop their careers. TV, movies, advertising, gaming and more, they are involved in small projects as well as huge ones (Jeep, Lexus, Levi’s Netflix’s ‘Ozark’, ‘Ford v. Ferrari’…); so not surprisingly, Gravelpit Music is a household name for all music services.