Rising Duo Tan Lines Returns With Groovy Treat ‘Forever’

Tan Lines is a one-of-a-kind music project with a passion for blending different genres and reaching the audience with something quite special. And recently, they were back with another exciting studio effort titled “Forever”.

This song actually came up from a cool sampling of a Beach Boys song, which led to the building blocks of this fantastic dance-inspired number. The track also has a very uplifting message, as it refers to that wonderfully amazing feeling that music can provide.

Listen 'Forever' :

When listening to a song we love or enjoying a good melody, it’s almost as if the world felt a bit better, even if just for a few minutes. This power can make our days better, and this song is a testament to how music can truly change lives, a little bit at a time. ‘Forever’ is a masterfully produced release, and it stands out as a fantastic introduction to the work and aesthetics of Tan Lines.

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