Mogul, Ehmji & Javeon Offer Funk Jam ‘Mixed Messages’

Remember school time: You receive a little handwritten note. A multiple choice test. Yes, no, maybe. Pick and choose. But pick wisely – a possible relationship might be at stake! Whatever you do, don’t be a “maybe”.

Mogul, Ehmji ​and J​aveon ​are going all out on ​“Mixed Messages”:​ Less indecisiveness, more commitment.

Listen 'Mixed Messages (feat. Ehmji & Javeon)' :

A vivid 90s Hip-Hop fan, ​Mogul’s approach on his art has always been voluminous while others went minimal. After his first single of 2020 with Italian-British RnB singer and fellow SoULuvMuziq ​- companion ​BVRGER ​(​“Good Company”​), Berlin-based ​talent ​- known for his trademark futuristic Disco/Funk style – found inspiration in some of his musical heroes: De La Soul ​and ​A Tribe Called Quest​.

Adding some details about the track, Mogul explains​: ​“I was listening to a lot of organic music these past months and became super inspired. I realised I wanted to incorporate more live elements in my music and give it an analog and warm touch. That’s why I started the production with piano, guitar and strings and finally added some brass and horn sections on top. I loved the feeling these gave me on the “Mixed Messages” composition as they further improved on the impact of the hook. When I first heard Ehmji’s verses, I was immediately inspired to change parts of the arrangement and add some extras here and there. After I sent Ehmji the new version he felt the need to re-record his verses to match the new vibe. And when Javeon’s vocals arrived, everything came together perfectly!”​.

While Maryland-based lyricist and gifted rapper ​Ehmji ​skillfully showcases his flirting skills in his verses, Brighton-based singer ​Javeon ​brings the swagger in the hook and bridge: just sensuality, determination and a convincing, sultry performance.

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