Premiere: Duo Tan Lines Unveils Groovy Gem ‘No Way’

Duo Tan Lines has just dropped their brand new single, “No Way”, a release that explores Future Funk, House, and French-Touch, to mention but a few genres. The artists blur the lines between these styles to bring their listeners an energetic single that is impossible not to move to!

The soundscape that they crafted for this single is immersive, multi-layered, and contemporary. Obviously, the group is passionate about audio and strives to create a modern and balanced production aesthetic.

Listen 'No Way' :

The song kicks off with a hypnotic rhythm and the repetition of a female vocalist singing, “no way”. This great intro immediately draws the listener in and keeps them hooked for the whole single. About one minute into the number, the composition takes a completely different direction. The instrumental quietens down and then breaks out with a massive beat and an evocative male vocal melody. This unique approach to making music really showcases Tan Lines’ creative flair and distinctive style.

Tan Lines is almost possible to describe! This duo’s style almost sounds like a mix between the legendary future funk group Macross 82-99 and French touch artist Kavinsky. However, they also have their own distinctive flavor which makes them impossible to compare to others in the industry.

This international duo is based in the U.S.A and France, and they regularly collaborate online to create distinctive electronic numbers. It’s obvious from the get-go that Adam and Juan, the members of Tan Lines, are influenced by an eclectic variety of genres, artists, styles, and sounds. This passion for music definitely shines through in this new track.

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