Moscoman Unveils Retro-Tinted Single ‘Eyes Wide Strut’

Dancers can always be sure of one thing with Chen Moscovici – a.k.a Moscoman – a certain unpredictability and energy will always define the music he serves up. Based in Berlin where he launched his Disco Halal imprint, but with roots firmly in his home city of Tel Aviv, “Mosco” has a wide range of influences from both cultures that makes his music stand out. And once again, he demonstrates all his talent via a magnificent new single: ‘Eyes Wide Strut’.

Listen 'Eyes Wide Strut' :

A “80’s inspired” collaboration with WOOZE, the track comes from Mosco’s upcoming, and long-awaited, ‘Time Slips Away’ album, which is out later this summer. He details about this second LP “The best way to describe the album overall is a feeling of ‘happy sad’. It’s inspired by the highs and lows of my touring life–the amazing gigs, the shitty ones, the opportunity to see the world vs the crazy traveling schedules and lack of sleep”. So wait & see..!

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