I Know The Chief Return With Swirly Disco Tune

Melbourne’s I Know The Chief is back on BonFire Rec. with his new tune “I Thought I Knew Better” — a swirly disco track full of pastel colors and dance ready grooves. Like a candy store, there is something sweet here for all listeners. Whether you’re into retro synths, hazey vocals, or just want to dance the night away, “I Thought I Knew Better” is the track for you.

Listen 'I Thought I Knew Better' :

About the track, the band explain We had played a version of this track live for a while and I’d always loved the groove but for whatever reason it hadn’t made it out into the world yet. I re-visited it at the end of 2019, re-wrote the lyrics and a lot of the instrumentation and felt like I’d breathed new life into it. As always, there’s a tonne of layering both instrumentally and vocally but with this track I put a particular focus on trying to nail the interplay and feel of the bass and drums”.

As the project has evolved, ‘IKTC’ has found itself diving deeper into the creative and technical process of producing music primarily in a studio setting – with textural layering and colourful tonality at the forefront – aiming to create pieces of music that accompany and evoke memories and emotions unique to each listener.

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