Interview: Dutch Artist Saux Returns With New Alt-Pop Cut

On his new cut ‘Night Is All There Is’, Amsterdam-based multi-instrumentalist / producer / singer Saux returns with his warm distinct alt-pop style, once again on Boogie Angst.

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It’s a track that plays with the idea of an endless night – moments shift in and out of focus and thoughts turn into dreams. A sensuous tune that combines potent guitar grooves, hazy layers of vocals, and a dry drum machine, ‘Night Is All There Is’ is the next chapter in Saux’s musical evolution.

For the occasion, get to know the young prodigy through an exclusive Interview, answering a few questions about this new single, his future, and much more…

Hi Jurian! First of all, can you tell us more about Saux?

Sure! Saux is my solo project and has evolved from being a bedroom producer to being a more complete artist (multi-instrumentalist and singer) over the past few years. It’s my default state – the ‘project’ I always come back to as it’s the most personal. In terms of sound it’s inspired by everything I’m into; from 80s disco and Quiet Storm to life in the city and the books I read / films I see / art I experience.

You’ve just released ‘Night Is All There Is’ recently, catchy title! What’s the story behind it?

‘Night Is All There Is’ is a song about the idea of an endless night – where everything seems to shift in and out of focus. It’s mainly saying ‘This world around you is all there is’ – there’s nothing more and that’s perfectly ok. That’s why the line ‘there is light in all there is’ is an important line to me.
Saux Press Photo 2020

What’s your creative process for making music? Maybe do you have some tips to share?

For Saux songs it usually starts with a tempo, a groove in my head and then a guitar or keyboard, like in the case of ‘Night Is All There Is’ the Prophet organ sound. I really enjoy not starting with the drums when writing. I’d rather find a groove on a melodic instrument – it gives me more freedom and creativity – and then later on I can build on that implicit rhythm with drums.

What are next months’ highlights for you, any releases ahead? And what about your side project City Park?

In the next months there will be new Saux releases for sure. I’ve been quiet for a while but now have multiple tracks ready that I’m really excited about. For City Park it’s difficult writing in this crisis, because me and Sjaak (the other half of CP) normally write together. We’re now trying out working together online so I can certainly imagine new songs coming soon. And sadly, the live aspect is on hold at the moment.

Quick bonus-question, what makes a good party for Saux?

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Small crowds and natural wine.

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