Mysterious pucca Offers ‘circles’ On Axtone’s Sub-Label

After a fairly lengthy hiatus Axtone Records’ eclectic side project ‘It’s Great’ returns with an exciting young artist from the Netherlands; pucca who has a string of lo-fi singles lined up in 2020.

Currently attending music school in his native country, pucca first saw Miss Starling at a first-year students’ open mic night, instantly falling in love with her voice.

He explains “When I was laying down the structure of the track in December, it felt like something was missing. I immediately knew that I wanted her voice on that track. I found Miss Starling on Instagram and asked her if she wanted to sing and write on this track”.

Listen 'circles' :

About the track, he added also “Before we started writing the lyrics of the song, we talked about our favourite tv-shows that we watched when we were kids. I told her that I loved and still love Adventure Time. She told me that she had never seen Adventure Time before, so we decided to watch an episode. We watched an episode about the food chain and we looked at each other and we knew that this would be the theme of the song! Our song ‘circles’ isn’t only about the food chain, but it’s about every circle in life”.

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