Premiere: Yung Pretender Shares Dazzling ‘Way To Love’

Alfie Macgibbon, also known under his alias Yung Pretender is back with another infectious, vocal lead single ‘Way To Love’ out today via Ultra

This brand new single picks up where Yung Pretender left off in 2019, with catchy melodies and contagious lyrics that will ingrain themselves in your mind from the first listen. 

Alfie states that he “wanted to make an emotional House track for ‘Way To Love’. Something people could listen to in any mood”, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Chilli Chilton delivers another flawless vocal performance that winds its way to an impactful dancy drop. 

Identifiable throughout the track is a unique vocal section that Yung Pretender explains is “a section people often mistake for a sample, but the whole part is actually originally recorded”. These unique elements perfectly demonstrate the versatility and diversity in Yung Pretender’s production and writing, leading us to question with anticipation “What’s next?”.

For the release, we had the chance to meet Alfie for a few questions, to know a bit more about this brand new single, discuss music, and find out about what is to come from him in the next couple of months. All is below!

Hey Alfie, such a pleasure to have you! So, could you introduce Yung Pretender in a few words?

Yung Pretender is a Bristol based DJ/Producer who creates melodic house music to make you dance!

Following ‘One More’, we’ve just picked your last gem ‘Way To Love’, with Chilli Chilton once again. Could you share an anecdote about it?

Most people think that the African chant is a sample however it was an original recording with over 15 layers or vocals sang by Joe Kilington. I also got on the mic!

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You’re always experimenting new sounds. Is it important for you not to stick in just one genre?

I like to experiment with different styles of music when producing. I usually stick to a four to the floor beat but using different types of sounds. Personally, I like to mix it up, and it works if I make a dnb beat one day and a house beat the next.

Now that you have unveiled ‘Way To Love’, what is in store for Yung Pretender’s fans?

After ‘Way To Love’ there will be another release on Ultra and possibly some remixes coming!

Quick bonus-question, what makes a good party for you?

Me on the aux 😉

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