Ferdinand Weber Teams Up With FWHO On ‘I Told You’

The last few years have seen Ferdinand Weber start to make a serious name for himself as a DJ and producer. His distinctive style is hard to pin down, but whether you call it deep, melodic or UK house, you can clearly feel his sound. And now, he’s back with a mysterious producer duo from Munich, named FWHO, on ‘I Told You’. This record reminds a classic house tune with a simple vibe, but with really efficient chords. Clearly, it’s the perfect one for the beginning of the evening!

Listen 'I Told You' :

Support from some of the world’s leading tastemaker music blogs and channels, including Majestic Casual, Dancing Astronaut (Artist to Watch, 2015), Eton Messy, Thump and many more have seen Ferdinand’s play counts on Soundcloud, Spotify and Youtube skyrocket. Meanwhile prime time players like Pete Tong, Danny Howard and The Magician have supported his music in their radio shows.

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