John Linhart & Jack Mallett Deliver Delightful New Anthem

John Linhart, singer songwriter based in Paris and Jack Mallett, young producer from Toulouse, have just released their third single together, on the swedish label Yellow Rhinestone Records and the support of the french publisher Musigamy.

After playing in couple of Pop Rock bands in pubs and festivals across France, John Linhart moved to London at the age of 25 where he started working on Electro Dance music with a team of British Producers. After several years in the UK, John moved back to Paris to focus on his own Electro music project. In 2018, he met Jack Mallett for his debut single “Take Me To the Islands”… and they’re now back for another one!

Since “Take Me To the Islands”, John released several other tracks with talented artists such as Mick Lee or Mowlo and will be soon taking his project to the next level. This new song “Move on” is also featured by Mélody Linhart, John’s sister. “Move On” deals with the bravoury of taking a new start without this dear being you miss… like this summer time hard to give up…

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