Fabich Offers Groove Infused New Single ‘Can’t Even Be’

Fabich is the London based record producer that ensures the creation of music that is authentically led, and story centric. Whilst drawing from the world around him, Fabich has built a reputation for re-creating relatable tales with the use of trademark, electronically tinged soul staples. Equally obsessed with expressive and emotionally available vocalists, the new single Can’t Even Be” pushes old school r&b melodies to the fore front whilst talking deceit, confusion and the instability of relationship aftermath.

New single “Can’t Even Be” expresses a narrative of betrayal and dis-loyalty through Fabich’s use of classic r&b chords and sophisticated percussion. The intensely smooth vocals see layers of lusciously soft harmonies which perfectly juxtapose authoritatively slanted lyrics that state a new-found friend ship status. As the song continues, expert vocal ad-libs tell of a hesitant denial to start all over again. “Can’t Even B”e is another intimate and unashamedly sensual exploration for Fabich. The new release truly encourages the listener to dig deeper and embrace this genre’s musical roots, with a new lease of electronic infused life.

Fabich threw himself into everything creative he could at a very young age. He utterly enjoyed immersing himself into the artistic channels of opera, photography, painting and beyond. After happily opting for the life of a music enthusiast, he kicked off his career making music at Bob Marley’s estate, and saw US chart success after producing a platinum-selling r&b track with vocalist, Trina. Weaving into the realms of new music, his passion brought him to new-found muses in the creative capital, London, to later create the Friends Story EP. Fabich is known predominately for bass heavy single “Somewhere”, as well as the reinvention heavy, “Talk to Me” and most recently the single that spins self-reflection and manipulation with powerful words from vocalist Liska.

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