Sidekick for Artists

Now is the time Artists stop relying on century old companies with stone age marketing techniques. Compromise between non-rewarding “Sell Your Music Online” distributors and inflexible Record Labels has come to an end. Streaming made possible for Artists to lead and start paving a new path, their path.

Sidekick For Artists is here to craft a pedestal for artists and their music.
For you to shape the next generation of Artist Entrepreneurs, where the Manager, A&R and Songwriter is one.

Release music at your own pace, and let us make the most of it, no strings attached.

What's in for you?

Digital Marketing

Pre Save
Cross Promotion
You name it:
we'll handle it.


Stand out

Release Strategy

Every song is unique
Let us create a momentum for each one of them.

Press Relations

Playlists come & go, Reviews stay.
We'll spread the word.

Playlist Promotion

It takes more than a "Release Pitch"'
We're connected to a wide range of curators,
scaled to your goals.


Linked to worldwide Sync agencies, we seize every opportunity.
We love match-making.

Break Free

Success no longer rhymes with being locked :

Keep your career and vision in tune. Sidekick for Artists works on a record to record basis. No long-term exclusivity, no option. It is for you to choose who to work with, now and tomorrow. We’ll be here to trigger opportunities and follow your lead. 

Join the Family

Ever felt left on the side ? 

Quit being a catalog number. We carefully hear, meet and greet Artists we work with, to ensure we can provide all members of the family with all our attention, focus and brain force.

Let's get started